JULY 2017- JUNE 2018

Code Theme Dates About the Course Target group  Fee


001 Procurement Records Management and Audit Trail of Procurement and Asset Disposal Processes 13th -15th September, 2017, Naivasha Management of voluminous documentation involved in procurement can be a daunting task. The Procurement function is required to document all procurement processes as per the PPADA, 2015. Senior Supply Chain Management Officers, Auditors, Record officers, Managers Assistants, Clerks, operational staff involved in developing and managing procurement records 78,750 +16% VAT
002 Development of Specifications, Tender Invitation, Evaluation of Tenders and Professional Opinion 23rd  -27th October, 2017 Mombasa Participants will be taken through practical steps in Development of Specifications, Tender Invitation, Evaluation of Tenders and Professional Opinion Directors of Supply Chain, Finance Officers, Procurement and Supply Management Officers, Managers, Assistants and Specialist, User Departments, operational staff involved in developing and evaluating tender documents. 88,500 +16% VAT
003 Procurement of Consultancy and Non-Consultancy Services 22nd -24th November,2017


This course is designed to bring out best practices in procurement of consultancy and non consultancy services Supply Chain Management and Finance officers, Managers, assistants, departments and operational staff involved in company negotiations. 75,500 + 16% VAT
004 Bid Invitation and Evaluation of Tenders 6th  -8th December,2017


This course is designed to help participants on bid invitation strategies, bid opening, development of tender opening minutes and register and evaluation of tenders County procurement and supply chain management directors, Managers, Officers and assistants, County Secretaries, Executive Committee Members, County Finance Officers 78,500 + 16% VAT
005  Procurement of Works     (Civil & Structural), Contract Documentation and Management 5th -9th February, 2018.


This course is designed to give a complete guide on how to procure civil works – Roads and Water and Structural Works – Bridges and Building Procurement Practitioners Senior Executives handling procurement of works, Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Procurement Officers, Finance Officers and Supply Chain Assistants 88,500 +16% VAT
006 Procurement Planning and  Budgeting Integration 21st -23rd  March,2018


This workshop will equip participants with skills in budgeting and planning for the best of the organization Procurement Officers, Department Heads, staff involved in procurement planning Committee members Supervisory staff, Audit staff 78,500+ 16% VAT
007 Logistics Management 18th -20th April,2018


This workshop will make the participants understand and have the skills for managing the logistics in supply chain Procurement & Supply Chain Managers and Officers from public and private sectors, Warehousing and stores officers 70,000 + 16% VAT
008 Supplier Registration, Prequalification and Choice of Procurement Methods 9th -11th May,2018


Participants will be enlighten registration of suppliers, Prequalification and choice of the suitable procurement method County Chief Officers in charge of Finance, heads of procurement in the county with their assistants in both government and assemblies 78,500 +16% VAT
009 Preference and Reservation Scheme – Application, Monitoring  and Evaluation 6th – 8th June,2018


The workshop will equip participants with the capability to extend preference and reservation of target groups as mandated under the Act County government and assemblies, County Secretaries, County Finance Officers, Directors, Manager 70,000 + 16% VAT